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What Makes us Different?

By understanding what you want out of life, we can suggest ways in which we can help you to achieve it.
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There's no place
like home

Your own private space, where everything feels distinctly familiar and uniquely personal, and every room is decorated with memories. Here are just a few reasons why we believe it’s important to help you stay there:


Research shows that you live a longer and happier life at home.


Home is where everything feels normal to you.


You can have as much or as little care as you like.


At a time when some things are changing, staying in your own home ensures most things can stay the same for you.


You are in control and can determine exactly what you do and don’t need.

Live life your way

You will retain the choice to live life your way, with our staff stepping in to do the things that you may no longer be able do, and providing a care plan which is tailor-made for you.

You will remain in control of your life and your independence, choosing what services you want, when and how.

You will be so much more than just a client to us. Carefully selected carers will be individually matched to you and take a real interest in your pastimes. We actively encourage you to form a strong bond with them, although usually this happens by default and strong friendships and trust are built.

Keeping family involved

With your consent, we help to maintain strong family involvement in your support. Allowing access to your information, if you choose, enables your loved ones to know what is happening, around the clock, wherever they are in the world. Your community activities can also be maintained, with our staff enabling you to get out and about. And when it comes to budgeting for your care, you will be able to manage your expenditure easily with our clear, definitive costs.

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We'll understand
your way

It’s the little things that make us individual and it’s the little things make a big difference in our approach to homecare. Whatever your care needs, Eaton Homecare will work with you to understand ‘your way’, whilst ensuring you can be safe, independent and happy in the place you love most – you own home.


We only employ experienced carers from the industry to care for you


Our Academy provides continuous training and development for all carers


All our carefully matched carers respect and take time to follow your interests

Your way

We’ll learn and remember how you like things done

You're in control

We’ll respect your feelings all the time

Stay in touch

We’ll ensure that family and loved ones are keptinformed

Where do we work?

We cover a wide range of areas surrounding Cambridge. Discover more to find high-quality home care services near you, provided by our team of compassionate and professional caregivers.

Want to know more about the costs?

Visit our ‘Cost of homecare page’ for more information

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