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Keeping Warm this Winter

The cold weather brings with it a number of challenges and as we age, changes to our bodies mean that cold weather and winter bugs affect us more than they used to, especially this winter with Coronavirus and other respiratory viruses.

However, the great news is that we can help ourselves and loved ones stay well and warm this winter, see some tips from Age UK below:

Wrap up and stay cosy

Blankets can be a good thing to have on hand, as houses can sometimes be chilly, regardless of whether the heating is on or not. From a nice cosy fleecy blanket to snuggle under on the sofa to an electric heated blanket on the bed, blankets are good thing for friends and relatives to buy for Christmas too.

Try to keep as much heat in the house as possible

As soon as the sun goes down and stops feeding warmth into any room of the house, drawing a thick pair of curtains is a great way to add an extra layer of insulation. Heat escapes out of windows due to lack of insulation, but by adding a layer between the windows and a room you create another barrier to keep warm air in and cold air out.

However, if the sun is shining in, pull the curtains back and allow the rays to heat the room throughout the day, then as soon as the room falls into shadow close the curtains to preserve heat.

Thick curtains help the loss of heat through windows at night. You can shut doors to any rooms you’re not using. This will help contain the heat you’ve generated in a smaller area. Also, make sure that furniture isn’t blocking any heating vents or radiators.

Rugs are great if your floor is always cold

A cold floor can make or break a house, even if the rest of the room is well insulated and heated, stepping barefoot on a cold laminate floor will send chills up your spine. Rugs are a great way to combat this, and even in carpeted rooms can add another warm layer to keep toes and feet as warm as possible.

Move your sofa

Having a sofa in front of the radiator may seem like a cosy idea, but it actually prevents a lot of the heat from being able to properly circulate. Keeping all radiators uncovered, by sofas, drying clothes, curtains or more, will mean they can work to their full potential and you’ll feel the full benefit when your heating is on.

To get even more benefit from radiators, you can use radiator panels, which reflect the heat produced back into the room. These reflective panels are easy to install and ensure that no heat is lost to the wall.

Block out draughts

It may seem obvious, but blocking drafts can make a big difference. Using draught excluders that sit along the bottom of a door frame or getting someone in to reseal doors and windows can stop unwanted cold air getting into any room. Draught excluders are relatively cheap and take no installing, plus they can be moved so are great for doors that are constantly in use.


  • Wrap up and stay cosy
  • Try and keep as much heat in the house as possible
  • Rugs are great if your floor is always cold
  • Move your sofa
  • Invest in radiator panels
  • Block out draughts