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Safety at Home

Helping you to stay safe at home is of the utmost important to us, and is key to you leading a healthy and comfortable life in your own familiar environment. We have put together some useful tips to help you and your loved ones keep your home as safe as possible.

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The Bedroom

It’s the little things that make us individual, and it’s the little things that make a big difference in our approach to homecare. Whatever your care needs, Eaton Homecare will work together with you to understand ‘your way’, whilst ensuring you can be safe, independent and happy in the place you love most – your own home.

The Living Room

There are a few things in the living room that could cause preventable slips and trips such as:

  • Rugs
  • Uneven carpet / flooring
  • Chairs / furniture with feet that stick out

There are ways to improve the ease of sitting down and standing up from chairs and sofas, such as raising the height of them. You can do this via an electric chair / sofa that raises you up, or even by adding blocks that sit under the chair or sofa legs. 

We would also recommend installing handrails at key locations around the house to help with standing and balance.

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The Kitchen

From devices to make turning the taps on and off easier, to chopping boards that hold your food in place, there are various kitchen aids to support you when cooking and cleaning.

Another top tip for the kitchen is to make sure nothing heavy, hot or sharp is kept too high up, to avoid potential accidents from stretching or having them drop on you.

The Bathroom

The bathroom can be a common place for falls to happen, whether that is from a wet floor or when getting out of the bath or shower. Walk-in showers and baths with doors are a great way to avoid having to lift your legs up and over a ledge, especially when this is likely to be wet and slippery! Toilet seats can also be raised to make it easier for you to sit down and stand up. Handrails are also a great addition in the shower, bath and next to the toilet.

Try exploring the following websites for suitable home assistance tools

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Elderly woman holding on handrail for safety walk steps

The Stairs

Stairs can be hard work for some (but also a great form of exercise if you can manage it), so options such as a solid handrail or even a stair lift can be a great help to you. Also ensure all carpets, runners and flooring are even and secure.

The Garden & Outdoors

Some homes may have stairs leading to the doors so installing a handrail can be a great safety feature. Outside lights are also a useful addition to ensure the best visibility possible during hours of darkness and in the winter months.
Elderly woman and daughter waling outdoors

Preventing Falls & Hospitalisation of an Older Person

Falls can unfortunately be a common occurrence amongst elderly people, however the tips above should help to reduce risk in your home. There are also a few more general health tips below that can help prevent falls and hospitalisation:

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