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COVID Vaccination rollout near completion

Eaton Homecare continue to maintain vigilance in health and safety whilst caring for their valued clients. Ongoing risk assessing of our clients health and wellbeing has always been at the centre of our operation.

We are extremely proud and grateful of our staff who continue to work above and beyond through this challenging year of pandemic threat. We have delivered over 80,000 homecare visits during the COVID Pandemic period and assisted 802 clients to return home via the NHS pathway.

Eaton management were quick off the mark to ensure that both clients and staff were protected by arranging vaccinations as a priority.

We are pleased to announce that the programme is almost complete. Today 85% of Eaton homecare staff has received the COVID vaccine. Complacency never sets in and all staff continue to be tested for COVID on a weekly basis and our clients are no exception should we note any obvious symptoms.