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Continuous Investment in Homecare Academy

Eaton Homecare have always led the industry with investment in technology and training to ensure a premium service for deserving elderly home care clients of Cambridgeshire.

We select experienced carers who then undergo induction and ongoing refresher training, above and beyond the standard requirements Care.  All Eaton carers hold a Carer Certificate but the Academy enhances their persona-centric skills around dignity and respect  which are all important in building a relationship with a client.  We also ensure familiarisation and operational efficiency with a range of equipment, client lifting/handling, safety tools and communication aids.

The past 12 months has been challenging for all our staff, so we were ‘super proud’ to hear that  100% enjoyed their roles and 99% felt that the support and training enabled them to perform a caring role more effectively.

With an aging population the pressure on the social system is increasing and Local Government will struggle to provide the resource and funding to support the homecare services the elderly so desperately need.  That’s why Eaton continues to invest and recruit quality carers and provide the best possible training and working environment to optimise continuity of care.  And that is also reflected in our Staff survey as 94% of carers said they were proud to work for Eaton and would highly recommend it to others.

If you are seeking a career in care and would like to join our team, please let us know.